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Our intent

To enable children at Mill View Primary School to become creative and thoughtful artists, with the skills to draw upon and knowledge of others artists work to inspire them, so that they can make decisions about which skills, styles and media to use in their own artwork. 

Art as a process

We have our own specialist art teacher who works in our school art studio each week with different year groups. During these sessions children follow a clear process for their learning:

  • Start with an artist
  • Imitate the style
  • Innovate around the style
  • Work on the final piece inspired by designs
  • Evaluate their artwork


We regularly take part in Amasing workshops and House of Dance sessions. 

Each summer term all of our children have the opportunity to perform in a school musical production.


The Arts

We aim to support childre to have a wealth of opportunities to celebrate and share their work across the arts subjects.  Our arts sessions celebrate the process of art rather than just the finished pieces using a 6-part lesson planning structure. We carefully select a bank of artists for each year group that promotes diversity and inclusivity.  

We are currently aiming to broaden opportunities to appreciate a more diverse range of musical styles/composers in our teaching and learning. Subject leaders, in collaboration with class teachers explore community links and use of visitors to enhance the teaching of the Arts. Every year our children participate in the Big Draw

We are currently enhancing and developing opportunities for Music across school. We use regulalry sing, appraise and perform together using a range of instruments. 

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