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STEAm at Mill View

Each term we hold a STEAM week event. The purpose of these events are:

For students to:

  • see how science, technology, engineering, art and maths combine together in the real-world to create exciting job opportunities
  • see and understand the diversity of those roles
  • understand how these subjects open so many more doors to future careers
  • be inspired with the breadth of opportunity on offer and be engaged in learning

STEAM learning

Each STEAM event has a common theme which is explored throughout key stages 1 and 2. Each class completes a STEAM related practical project which follows a set format of 'Research, Apply, Share'. 

Learning is shared with the school community as part of a STEAM exhibition, as part of a display in the corridors and via our learning platforms.

Inspirational STEAM figures

To launch STEAM week, each class is given a famous inspirational STEAM figure to research. Where possible, we strive to choose figures from ethically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Our research findings are collated in handmade books to share our learning with others.

Our projects

Each class then undertake a practical project(s) linked to the class chosen theme and/or famous person. The project(s) encompass several STEAM subjects or focus on one in depth. We strive to ensure curricular links and objectives tie into the Mill View LTP for each year group to ensure curricular coverage and progression.


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